With an infinite amount of shades to choose from, buying new lipstick has never felt harder – but hey, we’re always down for the challenge! As you hunt for #inspo this summer season on what pigments to put on your pout, you'll need to know the latest lip colors that have been trending on the runway and red carpet. And we’re here to help, with a roundup of the most popular lipstick trends we’ll be wearing all summer!

(Jason Wu)


Electric Orange is the New Black

From the runway at Jason Wu to the red carpet with Jessica Alba, electric orange is a welcome breath of fresh air this season. This rich color pairs great with bronzed skin from summer sun, and is sure to make a statement. If you’re looking for a new lipstick color, it's time to give electric orange a try – just make sure to select a shade with undertones similar to your skin.



Millennial Pink Has Made a Comeback

Baby pink lips were a mainstay in the 80's, and the color has officially made a comeback. This isn't your mother's lipstick, though. Coined “Millennial Pink” this time around, it's an easy color to wear, and popular among the Tumblr crowd. Plus, while millennial pink can be worn at the office or to Sunday brunch, it transitions flawlessly into the evening and a night out.



Glitter and Metallic Lips are Trending

If you’re looking to literally take your lips to the next dimension, look no further. Celeb makeup artist Pat McGrath popularized this trend on stars like Chrissy Teigen and Taylor Swift, as well as on the runways with Maison Margiela and DKNY. When you want to stand out in the crowd, or when your personality simply can't be contained by a nude lip, it's time to go bold with glitter lips. And don’t worry – if pressing glitter onto your lips isn’t your thing, you can still use a shimmery gloss to get that sparkle.




90's Nudes Forever

90's nudes and 90’s rose are still showing up this summer. For those who are looking for a more subdued lippy, stars such as Jennifer Lopez are wearing favorites such as nude lip gloss or matte liquid lipstick. The color looks great on all skin tones and gives your lips a healthy, evenly toned color.


(Love Laughs Lipstick) 


The Return of Lip Gloss

Shiny lips are in this summer, and lip gloss is definitely something to have in your makeup toolkit. With so many lip glosses on the market, you can get healthy and shiny looking lips without much effort at all. While we still love ‘em, it’s time to set aside your fave lip kits, lipstick and liquid lipsticks. This summer, we’re channeling Paris Hilton in the 2000s and rocking shiny, glossy, over-the-top lips. (That’s hot.)


And to keep your summer color locked in – even during the hottest days of the year – use No Bleeding Lips Secret Lip Liner and No, My Lips Are Sealed Lipstick Topcoat. Looking great this summer doesn't have to be hard. It's all about finding the right lip color and making sure it stays on all day.