Learning how to apply concealer can be a struggle. You want to look your best every day, but trying to find the right concealer and learn how to use it takes practice. From finding the right foundation to choosing a primer that works for your skin type, you have many choices to make before you begin trying to apply concealer to your face.

 If you have been trying to figure out how to use concealer correctly, here is a step by step process that can help you discover the basics of concealer and how it can give you a smoother complexion.


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Step 1: Identify Problem Areas

Take a good look at your face in the mirror. It's important to identify your problem areas so that you know what to focus on. If you have acne scarring in a particular area, or you have dark circles under your eyes, you'll know where to start with the concealer. The goal is to ease the appearance of problem areas while avoiding a caked on, unnatural appearance. Blemishes anywhere on your face may be identified as a problem area.


Step 2: Apply Primer as a Base

Start with a primer as a base. You can choose from a variety of colored primers, each designed for different skin conditions. For example, a purple toned primer can help those with fair skin who have unwanted yellow tones. If you have too much redness on your face, a light green primer will balance your skin. Use the primer all over your face to give your skin an even appearance. Primer in the right shade can make your skin look incredible once the right foundation is also applied.


Step 3: Apply Your Favorite Foundation

You can find the right shade of foundation by trying out different shades on the back of your hand. If the lighting in the store seems harsh, walk outside with the various shades on your hand to see which one matches best. Apply foundation over the primer, covering your entire face for a clean, fresh look. Foundation gives your skin an even appearance. Be careful around the edges of your face to make sure that your skin and the foundation blends well.


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Step 4: Apply Concealer Under Your Eyes

Concealer that takes care of dark circles under your eyes is essential. Most people deal with dark circles, and they are almost impossible to take care of through any nutritional ways. Be careful to smooth the concealer, using a blending brush or contouring pad. Dark circles under your eyes can make you look tired or unhealthy. While dark circles are normal, they take away from an overall fresh appearance. Using the right under eye concealer for dark circles will make you look healthier and more vibrant.


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Step 5: Apply Concealer to Blemishes

If you have blemishes on your face, applying concealer to these spots can minimize their appearance. Make sure that you cover each red blemish completely with the concealer. Using a blending brush, blend the concealer evenly into your skin so that your blemishes no longer stand out.

Concealer is designed to cover up imperfections, and it is generally not necessary to cover your entire face with concealer when you use a primer and foundation correctly. Concealer can also be used for scarring, freckles, or any other spot on your face that you want covered up for the day.


Step 6: Use Concealer to Set Eye Shadow

Using a small dab of concealer on each eye lid, blend in the concealer before you apply any eye shadow. This will prevent your eye shadow from creasing or fading before the day is over. Eye shadow can become powdery during the day, slowly rubbing off of your lids. Concealer will help set the eye shadow, giving you a flawless look through the entire day.


Step 7: Use Your Concealer Brush to Blend the Concealer

A concealer brush is essential to blending your concealer correctly. Start by dabbing at the concealer until it is completely blended into your face. Ensure that your concealer is covering your face evenly by using different sized brushed for the different areas of your face. A fine-tipped brush will be able to reach up to your lash line.


Step 8: Apply A Setting Spray

Setting spray is used once you are finished applying your primer, foundation and concealer to complete your beauty routine. Apply a spritz or two of setting spray, allowing the spray to air dry to ensure your makeup stays perfect throughout the day. You can find all kinds of setting spray, and you may have to try several brands before you find one that you love. Setting spray allows your makeup to stay in place so that your makeup doesn't crease into fine lines or smear across your face.

Bonus Tip: Use Concealer To Highlight & Contour

A great concealer can be used to erase problem areas, but also to highlight the complexion and contour the face. To set the desired highlights, use a concealer that is a shade or two lighter than your natural skin tone. Apply concealer to the top of your cheekbones, arches of the brows, t-zone, and center of the chin and blend to highlight your best features.

Applying a highlight to the inner eye will give off the effect of bright and clear eyes. To contour the face, apply concealer to the cheekbones, jawline, and the sides of your nose and blend to finish.


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