Let’s face it, it can be difficult to shape your own eyebrows. Whether you’re prone to over plucking, or you can't seem to get your eyebrows even, knowing how to avoid these common mistakes is important.



If you want to fix overplucked or uneven eyebrows, our tips will help you get the job done right!

Mistake #1: Overplucking

We’ve all been there: tweezers in hand plucking away, thinking everything is fine until – gasp – you step back and suddenly you’re looking at a walking advertisement for the 90s pencil-thin brows. Don’t worry, overplucking your eyebrows is a very common mistake that can be fixed with a little TLC. First, you must allow your eyebrows to grow back in.

Once your brows have grown back (or to avoid over-plucking from the get-go), be sure mark stopping points on your eyebrows, based on the shape you desire. Once you’ve determined your road map, don't pluck any hairs inside the shape you want. If you aren't sure, don't pluck the hair! A plucked hair will take about six weeks to grow in completely, so you may have to wait a few weeks before you start to see your true brow shape again. Be patient!


Mistake #2: Making Brows Uneven

While you shouldn't obsess over trying to make your eyebrows perfectly symmetrical, we know it’s important to have even arches. Continually trying to make your brows perfect can lead to overplucking and you’ll end up right back at Mistake #1!

If one eyebrow is particularly sparse, use an eyebrow pencil to fill in the brow instead of trying to pluck too much from the other brow. You've probably heard, your brows should be sisters, not twins! Make sure your brows complement one another without obsessing over making them exactly alike.

(Walking in Memphis in High Heels)


Mistake #3: Plucking in Front of a Magnifying Mirror

It's easy to lose your place when you are using a magnifying mirror. This often leads to overplucking because it’s hard to tell how much you have already plucked. While you may think you haven't gone too far, a look in a regular mirror can make your realize you have almost no brow left.

As you pluck your eyebrows, stand at arm's length away from the mirror. In addition, you should pluck in natural light if possible. If you are plucking at night, make sure you use a light that's bright enough so you can see clearly while you work.

Mistake #4: Filling Brows In Too Dark

When filling in your brows with an eyebrow pencil, make sure you use a shade that is slightly lighter than your hair color. When you use a shade that matches your hair, your eyebrows can appear too harsh and might even overshadow the rest of your features. The best brow look is one that is clean, subtle and in control!




Mistake #5: Not Using Brow Wax

Sometimes, brows have a mind of their own! To ensure they appear groomed and polished, always finish off the look with brow wax!  Simply apply the wax when you’re done shaping and coloring your brows for a picture-perfect look. This will keep your brows in place throughout the day, and give them a slight shine.

While this may seem like a minor step in the process, it can be the difference between your brows becoming unruly as the day goes on, or ending your day on point!

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