We all know it is party season and that can only mean three things: many opportunities to show off the chicest outfits in your closet, many times to drink endless amounts of champagne, and an excuse to try out that new look you have been eyeing. So ladies, sit back and relax as we are giving you the perfect "how-to" guide for an amazing New Years Eve! 

1. The event. 

It all starts with finding the perfect event for the occasion. Whether it is a big party or an intimate gathering of friends, it is an excuse to get dressed up and ring in the new year. Make sure you find a venue that has great music, amazing drinks, and a special countdown. There's nothing we love more than watching the ball drop in Times Square, so make sure your venue of choice also celebrates the traditions you love the most. 


2. The outfit. 

If there is one thing we can all agree on, it is that finding the perfect outfit to ring in the new year is the hardest task of all. In order to avoid the stress and still look your best, try something classic like a sleek black jean and sparkly blouse. Remember, tight dresses are for college so let us keep them there. The finishing detail, however, is the accessories. Pair your classic outfit with a good pair of pointy heels, gorgeous dangling earrings, and a sparkly purse. It can be that simple! 

3. The makeup. 

... Our favorite part. In order to seal the deal, we suggest going for the hottest look of the season: brown-gold tones and a bold lip. To accomplish this look, cover your eyelids in neutral-brown shadows and top with gold, blending a slightly darker brown in the corner of your eye to accomplish a sparkling, smoky look. Then, prime your face with your foundation or cc cream of choice, evening out the skin in order to contour, highlight and bronze. Before defining your look, make sure to use an under-eye concealer to hide any dark spots. We like to use KNOW Cosmetics No Dark Shadows because it is great for hiding any dark spots, and makes an amazing highlighter. Next, make your features pop by contouring and highlighting; adding a bit of bronzer to add to that glam-glow. Lastly, finish with a bold, dark-red lip and seal it with KNOW Cosmetics No My Lips are Sealed to ensure it lasts all night. 

(Elaine Welteroth in Allure)

Bonus tip: Use KNOW Cosmetics No My Lips are Sealed to not only keep your lipstick in place but to also let you kiss that special someone at midnight, smudge-free. That's right. No lipstick will be left behind this New Years Eve! 

(KNOW Cosmetics)

So Know It All's, grab that glass of champagne, your favorite high heels and head out in style this holiday season!